Donovan and Associates
What clients are saying...

"Suzanne is an incredible assistant! I know I can always rely on her to keep me on my toes! Not only is she organized, but incredibly creative and talented. Her combination of skills is hard to come by! I highly recommend partnering with Suzanne to help tackle your business needs, from an admin perspective to social media and marketing needs."

Michele Sommers, Senior Style Leader
Gigi Hill Bags

"Even with a small budget to begin with, Suzanne has helped me take a good number of time-consuming projects and weekly tasks off my agenda. She is open to everything, has great feedback and suggestions, and accomplishes an incredible amount of things in a very timely manner! I have recommended Suzanne to other friends and consultants and all of us feel very grateful to have found her!"

Rachel Rosenberg, Regional Vice President
Arbonne Internationa

"Suzanne's assistance has been invaluable to me. Running a not-for-profit is not only demanding but, at times, chaotic. Her ideas, insight and dedication have gone a long way to restoring order to my very hectic days. No matter what the task, she has jumped in with enthusiasm and gotten the job done."

Marge Tautkus Gunnar, Founder & Executive Director
BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding & Educational Center

"Suzanne is wonderful to work with. She gets projects done in an extremely timely manner and they are always done right. She comes to me with ideas that are relevant. She is very patient when I'm preoccupied with other projects, but also helps to keep me on track and finish up what we've started."

Carrie Reimers Carlson, National Vice President
Arbonne International